Our team

  • SangeethaArtisan

    Sangeetha’s favourite colour is red and she likes to play teacher-teacher with her friends. She enjoys crafting notebooks because they are easy to do and visually pleasing. Like her aunt, Mala and her grandmother, Saraswati aunty, she takes a liking for stitching. She also loves rasagullas and dancing. Both her sister, Sandhya and herself love drawing and have a fascination for art.

  • Sandhya aka ShaaluArtisan

    Sandhya is a shy girl who likes drawing and music. She loves making lamps and feels a sense of satisfaction when she works here at TSL. She finds the concept of re-purposing waste very fascinating. “Most people throw it out, so when I make useful and valuable things out of that, I feel very happy”, she says. She hopes to be an artist and design more products in the future. Sandhya also likes Tenali Rama storybooks and the colour pink.

  • SaraswathiArtisan

    Aunty was first introduced to TSL through her daughter, Mala who like her mother, loves handmade work and has a fascination for stitching and embroidery. She hates sitting idle and is constantly searching for work too do that will keep her engaged. But she guiltily indulges in tamil serials when she has the free time! She enjoys mangoes, coffee, badushah and chicken biryani!

  • TyneeGundaraj

    A young Indian pup who loves to smell you and put his head on your lap. He sleeps with his head dangling from the sofa, unlike Tasha, who is always poised and will never let you touch her! Tiny can charm anyone with his beautiful golden-brown eyes and is likely to jump on you when he gets excited 🙂

  • Raahul KhadaliyaFounder & Director

    Born and bought up in a small town of Palanpur, north Gujarat, Raahul has studied architecture (1999 – 2001, dropped out) , photography (self studied) and design (NIFT, Bangalore 2004-2008). He has over 8 years of experience in multidisciplinary design. After his graduation in design, he has been researching and developing ideas, innovations and strategical solutions around design and sustainable development.

  • Sneha RavishankarSenior Designer

    An Army kid, Sneha loves to travel and meet new people and imbibe new cultures. She has a background in Textile Design but likes to explore new techniques and different forms of design. She is always open to learning something new everyday. She wants to use her skills and knowledge towards a sustainable form of design. She is also an ardent animal lover.

  • MalaMaster artisan

    Mala is our master artisan. She has a background in the screen printing industry. She likes the concept of hand crafted products, embroidery and stitching. She finds it very exciting to work with the different forms of waste materials and supports the concept of sustainability. She even passes on the knowledge of up-cycling to the people she knows. She says “When I got to exhibitions, I see so many beautiful products. It inspires me to do more work and triggers ideas of my own.” Mala is a hard worker and a very fast learner. She enjoys some music along with her work and is a fantastic conversationalist when it comes to South Indian cinema (Her favourite actor is Vijay!).

  • NatziMoral support

    She is always around when the food is there and also when in need of a back rub. Keeps you busy with those magic eyes and fluffy body.

  • Nanouhstress buster

    He is a stray rescued and spoilt brat. Being the youngest he is the most jumpy and loves to play. Loves talk and to smell people up close to their faces. So don’t be alarmed if you drop by to the studio.

    We say he is the boy who came after two girls, ;P.

  • TashaTime management

    She needs to have things on time and in place. A leader of all and extraordinary skills of dog management.