The Second Life, Upcycled newspaper, Set of 3

The Second Life, Upcycled newspaper, Set of 3

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A set of three beautiful floral pattern gift wrapping papers made out of reusing/up-cycling newspaper and a traditional printing techniques of India, Block printing. Block printing is a hand made process of printing, which is energy efficient and eco friendly.

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    The art of re-using newspapers through the technique of traditional block printing of India. Block printing is one of the oldest forms of handcrafted printing. The process uses human energy extensively as a form of renewable energy source, which makes it energy efficient. And the use of Eco-friendly inks adds to the concept of a sustainable product line. The set comprises of three different block-printed newspapers. These are averagely sized newspapers measuring 54 cm X 69 cm.

    This product can be used in many ways according to ones need. These papers are a perfect design for gift wrapping. They also can be used as laminates instead of fresh fabrics or other materials. They make a beautifully framed wall decoration as well. These beautiful papers can themselves be a gift on their own to inspire and encourage the idea of up-cycling/re-using. Gift a Gift Wrapper

    IMPACT through Design

    • We only use discarded newspapers to produce these papers to make it Eco-friendly.
    • The printing process is completely hand done and consumes no excessive and unnecessary forms of energy while printing.
    • The papers are printed in an NGO which employs differently-able people. It creates an opportunity for a livelihood for them.

    These papers are loosely folded (to avoid creasing) and shipped in a sturdy corrugated box or an envelope.

    For detailed information on concept of The Second Life and production process please visit

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    Additional information

    Dimensions 31 × 24 × 4 cm
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