About Karnataka Kasuti

Kasuti is a form of hand embroidery in Karnataka.
This famous embroidery speaks of the people of North Karnataka, their traditions, customs and professions.
The word ‘Kasuti’ can be translated into ‘Kai’ meaning hand and ‘Suti’ meaning cotton thread in Kannada.
The definitive uniqueness of this embroidery is that, the design is never traced in the material to be embroidered and it always starts without knotting of the thread but with a tiny back stitch.
Earlier kasuti was done on Ilkal or Chandrakala sarees those having broad pallu with plain body.

Identity Inspiration

The final identity is inspired by one of the motifs of Kasuti, bright colors used in traditional kasuti and the idea of the project. Bringing the Community together. The art work symbolizes a group of houses in various colors joined together.

Objectives / Brief

This programme was started with an objective to revive the traditional art of Dharwad – Kasuti.
It intends to provide training and financial aid to the artisans through community owned organizations
The Project identifies artisans and provides rigorous training, skill upgradation, design development and technical inputs to improve their knowledge base.
The main goal is to create entrepreneurs and ensure sustainable employment to Kasuti artisans.