Institute on Climate Change and Sustainability

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Identity design
User interface design
Print design

Institute on Climate Change and Sustainability is an non-governmental organization. It brings together engineers, scientists, economists, researchers and social scientists, who together are working to develop sustainable responses to climate change through trans-disciplinary research and dialogue on both a national and international level – not just within the research community, but also with business leaders, policy advisers, the media and the public in general.

Initial brief was to design a website which is easy to publish and promote the areas of focus with a simple and usable layout of a blog, magazine, resource center, etc. The target audience is defined a large community of engineers, researchers, innovators, governmental agencies, NGOs, etc.

Our brief

To design an identity and product UI that are synced together and reflect a strong brand for the target market. Design and develop a flat color UI for the mobile application for both android and iOS.

Focus areas

Climate Change Studies
Sustainable Development
Green Technologies
Water, Air and Land
Environment and Ecology

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