Indian Engineering Congress 2011


Identity design
User interface design
Print design

The Annual Convention, which The Institution of Engineers (India) had been holding, was enlarged into Indian Engineering Congress from the year 1987. Since then, the Institution hosts the Indian Engineering Congress annually in various locations across India. During the engineering congress, the Institution also organises its Annual General Meeting.

The objective of organizing the Engineering Congress is to contribute towards progress of the country in the areas of Engineering and Technology by creating a forum for engineers to exchange their experience, views and advances.

Environmentally conscious Design input

The Print media is been designed to be printed on a recycled paper with eco-friendly inks using a Screen printing techniques to avoid high environmental impact of fresh paper, toxic impact of non Eco-friendly inks and energy impact by using a hand printing technique.

The Sustainability impact model was proposed to the client to promote sustainability awareness towards smallest bit of an event.