The increasing consciousness about sustainable development globally has affected every aspect of human life, which requires us to rethink the way we produce/manufacture things. That has inspired many environmentalists and researchers to develop theories and results, which helps in sustainable /green manufacturing.
Sustainable/Green manufacturing always focuses on to certain theories to be followed like, increase the use of local resources, reduce the use of artificial energy, increase use of manpower in other words, use recyclable materials (preferably from local resources), reduce use of toxic materials, etc. in other words effective application of human energy.
Manufacturing is directly related with the design process. The Traditional sustainable manufacturing techniques from our heritage knowledge database in form of effective adaptation of zero artificial energy or in other words effective adaptation of human energy based manufacturing techniques. Designing an environmentally sound life cycle rather than designing product. It helps analyze product and its usage at every stage of its life cycle, which becomes a resource for designers for developing sustainable/green design methods.
This is explained through a case study on Sisal fiber product range.